Profound Revelations About Adam And Eve!

The following is excerpted from Book 12 Chapter 61 at This prophecy provides important insight into why the events in the Garden of Eden unfolded as they did.

Excerpt begins…..

But, Father, my question is this. You are Most High. You created all things! You created evil! You created Satan! Father, in Job, (Job 1:6) we are also told that Satan came and sat among the Sons of God! Father, he was sitting among the Sons of God, so he must surely be one of Your sons, though an evil one. Father, will you explain some of these things, regarding Satan and the fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden?

My Little One, I am Most High and I set into motion all of creation! I create and I set up! I set into motion! What is created to be evil does evil and what is created with great light, to do right, does right with some exceptions here and there. The closer any is to the Source of All True Light, the more perfect and holy is that soul! The closer a soul is to darkness; the more difficult it will be for that soul to connect with Me and with the Great Light Source of All things.

My Little One, I created Satan and I knew what he would do. I put into him arrogance, rebellion, anger, pride and an array of behaviors, which are not pleasing to Me! I raised him up, nevertheless, to serve Me, knowing also that he would wish to supplant Me, to take My place!

I took two little innocent spirits, the two little cherubim, who stand before Me, and I put these into two bodies, which I fashioned. My Little One, they did not know evil, but were pure and innocent; and I put Satan in their faces in the Garden of Eden, knowing that Satan would tempt Eve! For, he is evil and he also disdains all true light; for he wishes to have power over it all! He will always, therefore, set out to destroy what is good and right! This is the way I created him to be! He cannot be another way. So, yes, I knew that he would disobey Me, that he would set out to destroy these two in My garden.

I also knew that I would, therefore, also have reason to punish him; for I must also justify My actions. I am Most High, a God of great righteousness and justice! So, yes, I knew how all would unfold with Satan. I also knew how all would unfold with humanity from the beginning! I knew that I would create a very difficult and harsh world, wherein I would cast many souls, who would return over and over again in their purification journeys. I knew that none could or would ever be saved from such evil and darkness if I did not pay a great price for their salvation. For, Satan would be always in the faces of My righteous and pure ones, seeking to utterly destroy them.

However, amidst such a terrible furnace of afflictions, in such a terrible place, I also knew that I would train, and that I would raise up a few, who would be co-rulers with me, co-rulers of all creation. For, in My whole Light Kingdom, which is far greater and more expanded than any of you could ever imagine, there are none, who have so suffered across so much time as the little ones, the little humans on this planet Earth.

For, I have forced you back, life after life, causing you to take on new bodies, your having swallowed your cups of forgetfulness, to face your wrongs, to face your unsettled sins, to try you and test you across much time, so that I could indeed harvest some, who will be co-heirs, who will work with Me as co-creators in all of My creation. (Cups of forgetfullness explained in chapter 144 of Pistis Sophia text)

My Little One, this very lengthy process is about to bear fruit! The very first Manifest Sons of God are about to appear in the Earth! And, you, My Little One, are their spiritual mother. You were Eve in the Garden of Eden and you fell to the temptations of Satan! You came along as Sarah, mother to the House of Israel and you have been in the Earth as other very important mothers in this whole growth process of My Manifest Sons. I have brought you back over and over again, sometimes at critical junctures in this whole process, and at other times as an almost insignificant presence, as far as these works. Yet, I bring you back now as the birth mother of My Little Son of fire, the Little Manchild of Revelation Chapter Twelve. My Little Son of fire, who lives in you, will soon be taken to My throne and he will thereafter begin to bring forth great power into the Earth. For, he will go into the Manifest Sons of God!

My Little One, I know that many will balk at My words to you, which tell of the reincarnation of souls! But, they balk out of ignorance and so the ignorant will be ignorant; but those, who hunger after truth, will not choose ignorance and will not balk and mock at what they do not understand, but will seek me with an open heart and teachable spirit. (Scriptural references to reincarnation)

My Little One, you are the spiritual mother of My people the world over, both of the peaceful, loving ones and also of the unruly ones. For, you fell to the wiles of Satan in the Garden of Eden and because of such; you would bear first his own son, his own bloodline, so to speak.

But, Father, the Scriptures say that Adam “knew” Eve and they bore a son, who was named Cain. (Gen. 4:1)

Yes, Adam knew Eve, but the first Son, Cain, was the Son of Satan.

Father, this is so terrible, too terrible for words.

So, out of you came two lineages, even from the beginning, a lineage of holiness into which Enoch would be born, Noah and others, but also a lineage of evil into which Cain would be born, also Esau and many others. Do you see how the duplicity evolved? This duplicity was inherent in my plan from the beginning. For, within the humans would be the seed of the woman, a holy seed, and also a seed of Satan.

Now, after so may years, I call you forth again, My Little One, and I put My holy seed in you, even My own little babe, My seed from my own holy body; and this also reads in My Scriptures as the seed of the woman. (Rev 12:17) This holy seed is still in you, but it is now, not just a seed. For, My Little Son is an all-consuming fire and he extends by several hundred feet outside of your body! He is indeed a child but even so a man! For, he is now quite large, even a little giant!

And, even as it is written in Revelation Chapter Twelve, I put Satan in the face of the woman, who is you, My Little One! (Rev.12:4) I put him in your face to tempt you, to mock, scorn and berate you, to repeatedly rape you, to torture you and to cause you great pain and suffering! These have been your great tests and trials, your price to pay for bearing My Little Son of pure and holy fire and great light.

And, Satan, on seeing My Little Son in you, greatly wishes to devour My Little Son of Light; for he wishes to supplant Me. However, My Little One, I have sustained you! I have been with you through the unspeakable, daily horrors, which you have lived through and which you still live through. My Little One, you have paid the price for the righteous ones to receive My Holy Little Son and now you pay an additional price for the seed of Satan to be free once and for all of him and for some of them, indeed some of them to be My very own sons, even as their Father Satan is one of my very own sons.

I will totally remove the “mark”, the striated light pattern, which I put into them and I will raise up some of them to be my very own sons. But, your price for these, My Little One, will not be as great. In over forty-two months of your suffering, you have paid your greatest price. But, as you were mother to both from the beginning, you shall be mother to both as regards their inheritance in My Light Kingdom. For, this shall come to pass through My very own Son of Light, who is in you!

Blessed are You, oh Holy King! Blessed are You forever and ever! Thank you, Oh Glorious Creator! So, Father, through all that you are now doing, all of the children of Esau will not burn as stubble, as we are told in Obadiah 1:18.

My Little One, many, many of them will burn as stubble! But, it is My promise to you that I will set free huge and untold numbers of the children of Satan, who are in the hidden goat lineage. For, at some point and soon, I will begin to totally eradicate the striated light patterns from their DNA, thereby freeing them of the inherent lying stream, which makes it impossible for them to know Me. When this inherent lying stream is removed, huge numbers will find themselves wishing and desiring a deep walk with Me. I will then draw them into such walks and will ultimately save many, many of their souls.

My Little One, it is for you to return to Esau and to give back to Esau his heritage with Me! For, he was the firstborn; but his heritage, I took away from the beginning; and I would not allow Rebekah to see the heritage of the righteous go to the children of Satan. (Genesis chapter 27) However, now this heritage will go out, my heritage to the Sons of Cain and to the Sons of Esau, even as I have so told you herein. And, this heritage goes to them through My Little Son of Light, who is in you! For, he is also I; and I am he; and I come back as He to bring salvation, especially to the sons of Cain, even to the sons of Esau, to whom it was previously denied. For, through My Little Son and through My Kingdom Come and my will be done, my cup of love, mercy and grace is overflowing.

Remember also, My Little One, that Esau hates his mother; for he blames her for taking away his birthright. He has always hated his mother for this; therefore, when he sees his mother, he will hate his mother until I make him free.

Yes, it is true that his mother, Rebekah, did not take away his birthright, but I took it away, even from the beginning (at the time of Cain). And, as such it is absolutely counterproductive for Esau to hate his mother. For, his mother only did My will! However, My Little One, soon I will set free Esau and many, many of his children; and they will know that what I took away, I now also give back abundantly and with great mercy. And, with this, we shall stop for now! I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 26th day of November, 2009,

Linda Newkirk