The Woman Of Revelation 12

Revelation 12; 13 And when the dragon saw that he was cast unto the earth, he persecuted the woman which brought forth the man child.


These Excerpts Are Taken From  Book Twelve



My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, yea Yahweh, Most High God! Blessed are you, My Little One, even above all women; for I have chosen you before the foundations of the Earth for this very important work! Yes, indeed, to be the Woman of Revelation Chapter Twelve, the Spiritual Mother of Nations, once Eve, once Sarah, once My Blessed Mother in the Earth! For, who else would I have chosen to be the Woman of Revelation 12, save the very one, whom I had chosen so very long ago! There is none other; My Child, no one else who has been chosen for such a role! But, through all of your trials and through all of your suffering, who has even believed? How many come forward to help you with these works, even though they know, they read the truth of what is, for you have penned it! You have written it and you have disseminated it via   (Scripture on reincarnation)

No, My Little One, few and I repeat “few” care about what you have had to endure from day to day in the face of Satan, his world-wide Illuminati, the traitors in the U.S. Space Program, and kings, queens and spiritual deviates all over the world! Many have come to put their feet in your back, and to take their own roles in your torture and persecution! Through it all, you have travailed day after day to bring forth my spiritual “babe”, My Kingdom, My new spiritual code for the “New Generation” of souls, the code for the super humans, who are to come!

No, My Child, few in this world think of you and neither do they lift up a finger to help you, but cast stones of condemnation and disbelief! I tell you, My Child, that if I now walked the streets of the USA and of the world, they would do the same to me!

But, in the face of such evil, torture and persecution, you have not given up, My Little One, but have persevered in the face of Satan, all of his fallen angels and the demonic hordes of humans, who all come to take their part in the torture and persecution of you; for they all wish to steal what you have! They wish to steal this baby, to kill this baby, to destroy this work; and they hope against hope to steal the new inter-dimensional portal, which is also attached to your physical body! But, this portal is lined with this new spiritual code, this new “spiritual DNA, and this baby, this new spiritual DNA, which was born to you on May 10, 2006, is now a giant and fights for you in marvelous and glorious ways, for within it is My great power!

These evil ones cannot decode this new spiritual code! Never! Not once, My Little One, not even in a million years; for this is My gift, first to you, as the Spiritual Mother of all of humanity and subsequently to those, who are ready and worthy to receive it! Yes, My Child, you and you, alone, have birthed this Kingdom and you and you, alone, have had to endure torture and persecution at the hands of Satan and all of his evil hordes, such as no human has ever had to endure! Yes, night and day, day and night, month after month, and even year after year, for over three solid years, Satan and his traitorous humans have hovered over you in their anti-gravity machines! They have abducted you, drugged you, and implanted you with every chip, rod, wire, crystalline super conductive substance and liquid at their disposal and then some! Not one stone has gone unturned by them in their torture of you! They have all collaborated! They have colluded to destroy you day after day after day, to destroy you one way or the other!

They have sought to control your mind, to take over your body, to torture you to death, to poison you to death, to drug you to death, to electrocute you to death, and so it has gone, over and over again they have come, truly leaving you exhausted, My Little One, and tired day after day after day!

But, you have not failed, My Child; for I have always been with you! I have seen their every plan, known their every thought and scheme and on all accounts, they have failed! But, even so, My Little One, you have suffered! You have travailed, alone in this work, even after I sent a few others to pray with you, you were still alone!

No one could shoulder this burden, but you; and while others could pray with you, most, who were called to do so, failed; and even though you have told these very ones about this great torture at the hands of Satan and his hordes, they do not grasp what you are going through! They cannot understand what you tell them; for this systematic work of torture and persecution involves the supernatural work of Satan and his minions. So, when you speak the truth, others shun the truth! For, they cannot grasp the fact that such are the ways of Satan and the fallen angels and these ways have always been their ways.

Truly, My Little One, you see, you know and you understand the workings of the Fourth Kingdom of Daniel better than most ever will understand it. You see and you understand what I meant when I wrote in the Scriptures that there has never been times like these, never, not in the history of the whole earth, and there will never be such horrendous times, ever again in the earth, once these are defeated!

For, Satan is now cast down and with him his hordes of fallen angels. And, as you have written, many billions were rounded up and driven into the hollow of the Earth, now well over 40 billion of them, but still Satan has many, who are still left in the Earth! He has enough to subdue and greatly diminish humanity! And, he shall use them and the traitorous humans, who have sold their souls to him, to overcome and defeat many!

Even some of the righteous ones shall fall, and through their trials, they shall be tested and made pure and white as snow; but some shall not get up out of the mire; for these trials shall be too great for them! But, do not despair; for this is not their end!

Yes, My Little One, you have written the truth about Satan, about the evil ones in the U.S. government and the U.S. Space Program and about so many, who have trampled you as you have sought to bring forth this new spiritual code for the new generation of Joel, Chapter Two. But, one day, and one day soon, many will weep! They will wail at what they must also go through! For, as Satan and these errant humans have done to you, they will do to them as well; and who will help them? For, many of them have blasphemed Me and My works when they decided to put you under their feet!

Yes, indeed, when these errant humans in the U.S. Space Program and the fallen angels reach into their bodies and lay cables and wires and systems of implants along their nervous systems and when they fill them up with caustic liquids and then plow them with electrical currents, who will help them? Who, My Little One? For, many of them are spiritually weak and cut off from me! In their agonies, many of them will perish, cut off from Me and My Spirit!

This, My Child, is the Fourth Kingdom! Who can defend against such things? Who? You know, My Little One, that you could not survive even one minute in the face of such horrendous attacks! But, I carry you from day to day and supernaturally I have intervened on your behalf! And in the midst of such horrendous torture and persecution this spiritual baby boy, (the spiritual seed for the new generation) has grown beside you and within you until it has now reached maturity! This spiritual baby boy is now a spiritual giant and it is now ready to be imparted to the Supernatural Army of Joel Chapter Two.

Yes, others will now receive this new divine blueprint; but they will not have to toil and labor to receive it as you have; for you are the spiritual mother of humanity and as such, you have had to bring forth this divine blueprint for a new generation of souls, even amidst daily torture and persecution!

You have often wept in sorrow and heartache because of your great trials, but even amidst such persecution, your sorrow has been short-lived! For, most often, and even night after night as these evil ones have laced your body with wires, rods, implants, crystalline substances and electrically conductive liquids, you have sung to Me! Day after day, you have praised My Name, even in the midst of such torture! And, I have smiled on you, My Child! I have carried you and I have given you rest, even as they plowed you with electrical currents into your body!

Before the baby was born, the agony and pain of their torture was great and you slept little for months; and even after the baby was born, the torture was still great! For, you had to endure and to wait until the new supernatural code could be imparted into your physical body, and then to grow into maturity! But, this new code and this new power only came to you bit by bit, and only as the terrible persecution and torture became more harsh and more severe!

As the torture became more severe, the spiritual code was imparted to you, and along with it the power, until such time that the baby reached maturity; and it has now become a giant and lives within you, not separate from you! And, although you sometimes see this giant as separate from you, he is also now one with you! This is why, My Child, that their electrical currents no longer affect you as they previously did!

Yes, they wire you up and they fill your body with horrible liquids; but you barely feel a thing; for you have grown spiritually, My Little One, in the face of such torture and persecution and you are worthy, My Child, to bring forth into maturity, this new spiritual code for all of humanity! This, My Child, is the beginning of My Kingdom in the Earth and now comes SALVATION, MY KINGDOM, and THE POWER OF CHRIST AND THE STRENGTH TO ENDURE WHAT IS AT HAND!

But, none of this would be so, My Child, except that you have paid the price! This, My Child, is why you bear the crown with twelve stars; for you are My Queen! You, My Little One, are the Queen of Heaven and truly you are blessed above all women!

My Child, type this and post it on the website! If and when I desire for you to post more, I will tell you! Go in peace and go in My love; for indeed I love you greatly. I am your Father in Heaven, Yahweh, Most High God.

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 11th day of August, 2006,

Linda Newkirk

From The Mountain Prophecies

Book Twelve Chapter Forty

”The Stork and the Storm!”

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, below you will find the most recent message from our Father in Heaven! Truly, great and marvelous events are at hand for the faithful, but also terrible times for the whole Earth! A Dear Brother recently had a dream in which he was shown that a stork and a storm are coming at the same time. This Faithful Brother was also shown in another dream that a very strong tapestry has been completed! In fact, in his dream, he saw the very last piece put into the tapestry! As you read our Father’s words below, you will know more about this tapestry! You will know more about this stork and you will know more about this storm. Read on and be enlightened.

The Latest Message from our Father in Heaven

“My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, do you hear the drums? Do you see the dark clouds? Do you see the storm, which is developing all around the world? Do you see, My Little One?”

“Yes, my Father, I see what you are showing me and I also know it to be so, especially because of all that I have been through.”

“My Beloved Child, do you see what more lies in front of you?”

“Yes, my Father, I see our Beloved Saviour. He is so beautifully adorned in radiant white. His arms are outstretched and his face is full of radiant joy and heavenly love! And, before him, My Father, I see many souls, who are adorned in white. Yet, as I look I see that there is a small gap, like a very narrow, yet dark division between Him and them. I see as well, my Father, that with a flash of light, this narrow, dark, division (which separates Him from them) vanishes; and these are suddenly all around Him as He stands high now on His Holy Mountain of white fire!

As I watch, He walks, among them now; and as He walks, He reaches out and touches each one on the forehead. With his touch, a white fire goes into each one and this white fire settles not only on the head (of each one), but goes throughout their bodies until each one is radiant with this glory! And, around each one is manifest something like a cocoon of light, a radiance, a glory!

And, then a wind! I hear the sounds of rushing wind! And, (almost simultaneous with the wind,) I see a flash of blue light! With the flash of this blue light, I hear the sounds of churning waters! Then, I see churning waters, as if a radiant, blue ocean is sweeping over all and is engulfing them now, so much so that they all stand deep in a radiant ocean of deep blue! Yet, as they stand in this radiant blue ocean, the white light around each one of them is still visible!

I see now that our Saviour walks among them as all are immersed in this deep blue ocean and this ocean has a substance. As our Saviour moves, this ocean moves! But, rather quickly now, the ocean begins to move out, as if carried out by a tide and the whole view of all of this melts from my vision.

My Father, tell me about this vision.”

“My Little One, reach down on your left leg and take the knife, the small sword, out of its sheath. For, it is attached to the inside of your left leg!”

“My Father, I have it and it is as hot as fire, hot to the touch and very, very heavy!”

“My Little One, do you know what this sword is?”

“No, my Father, and I do not know what it is for.”

“My Little One, this is the sword of My judgement and wrath and the power of it is coming to My faithful, but only through you and through the work of Revelation 12, that I have given to you, is it coming. If there were no work of Revelation 12, there would be no Kingdom of Yahweh in the Earth! For, Revelation 12 is the prophetic event, the last one, which fulfills all previous prophecies of My Kingdom in the Earth. With Revelation 12 comes salvation for My people! With Revelation 12 comes My strength, and also My power! Revelation 12 is truly the fulfillment of all previous prophecies, which relate to My Kingdom come and My will be done in the Earth!

My Little One, you walk meekly and humbly before Me and you have waited upon Me daily, suffering great persecution and on-going torture at the hands of Satan, the Annunaki and all dark and evil forces on this planet! For, they have believed that to conquer you is to stop My Kingdom from coming into the Earth! But, My Little One, from day to day, you have died to self! You have died to your own will and to any and all expectations for yourself! My Little One, through all that you have been through, you have become smaller, very small, that I may become great in you! You have given up all in this world, so that I could give you what I want you to have, and to put you where I want you to be!

Blessed are you, My Little One! Blessed are you , even above all women! And, yes, my Little One, I know that you hear Me telling you these things, but that you do not understand or grasp the magnanimity of what I tell you! But, even so, I tell you what is and what is to come! For, you, My Blessed Child, have paid the price to be the woman, who births My Kingdom; and for your faithfulness, for your steadfastness, you are about to be rewarded in a great way, far greater than you could ever imagine!

My Little One, you will not be the tail any longer! You will not be under foot any longer! You will not be the butt of cruel jokes and condescending remarks! You will no longer be on the receiving end of scorning and mocking from those, even of My own people, of My own servants and prophets!

No, My Little One, this will not be so! For, they will see how they have lied! They will see how they have rejected you and how they have scorned My works; and they will shed many tears! They will fall on their faces in shame when they see the truth of who you really are and know the truth of what you have truly endured to birth My Kingdom! Oh, the shame upon their faces and the weeping in their hearts; for collectively much of the prophetic community has collaborated to hang you, to defile you and to destroy you! Oh, how they have mocked! Even so, their own words and their own hearts shall judge them!

But, you, My Little One, I shall bless! You have been trampled and stomped into the dirt, not just by the satanists, but by many in my own house! And, soon, oh soon, soon now, I shall raise you up and I shall exalt myself through you!

And, the truly righteous shall stand with you before Me! They shall walk in My holiness and in My power … new bottles for the new wine! For, they have made themselves clean and they are waiting and ready for My Son and for what I have for them!

Oh, hard necked, proud, haughty servants of Mine! You have elevated yourselves and I shall debase you! You have put yourselves first and I shall make you last! You ridicule what is deep, what is true and what is of Me and My Kingdom! I shall throw you to the wolves! You judge harshly My true servants and My true work; and My harsh judgement shall be fast upon you! Oh, perverse generation of accusers and railers! In one day, a river of shame shall flow over you like hot, molten metal! For, you have seen what My faithful servant, Linda Newkirk, has gone through for love of Me, for love of My Son, for love of My Kingdom and for love of each of you! And, you have joined forces with the satanists and with every liar, with every persecutor, with every pervert, killer and thief, all to further persecute and trample My chosen vessel!

Oh, rivers of hot and fiery judgement shall flow all over you until you see the errors of your ways and thereby repent with weeping and wailing! In your tests and trials by fire, you will no longer wag your finger against this one, against Linda Newkirk, my chosen vessel, and you will no longer mock and scorn what is Mine, what is holy, what I love and cherish! Oh, you proud! Oh, you haughty! Oh, you rebellious and stiff necked house, who calls yourselves by My Name! In one day, I will debase you!

Now, with this said, My Beloved Child, I know that you have questions about what you have seen; and as I know your heart, I will proceed to explain what you are seeking! The sword is My sword of wrath, My sword of judgement; and as you have paid the price, you bear this sword! It is heavy as it is full of My judgement and wrath; as a short time in the Earth is designated for this wrath! You bear this sword as you are second in command under My Son in My Supernatural Army; for you, My Little One, have paid the price! And, as such, My Little One, you will wield much power over many nations! With this sword, you will do your work of Micah Chapter Four. None could carry this sword but you, for none has paid the price but you and this work for you will begin soon, very soon! Truly, My Little One, this is a sword for total destruction of evil and rebellion, and as you go about My work, carrying this sword, no evil will stand in your face! My Beloved One, through all that you have been through, you and you, alone, have earned this sword and soon, very soon now, you will begin to know this power!

What you have seen as regards these righteous souls, who will stand before Me, the 144,000, will soon happen! With a wave of My hand, I will dissolve the distance between them and My Son and all shall be supernaturally carried into His presence, onto My Holy Mountain! What you have seen is the ‘sealing’ of the 144,000! They will be sealed, empowered, and gifted with My Holy Seed, with the now-matured “Man Child”, which has grown to maturity in you!

My Little One, you are their spiritual mother and the spiritual mother of My Kingdom in the Earth! It makes no difference whether any believe at this point; but they will soon believe and the meek, the humble, the teachable, will receive this truth and the great blessings from My throne, which you and the 144,000 will bring into the Earth! Oh, yes, the proud, the haughty ones, will see, but they will not receive!

Just know, My Precious Child, that the vision of the righteous souls, who stand on My Holy Mountain is close to fulfillment, ever so close! My Glory is about to come into the Earth as none have ever known or seen, and so is the terrible storm that you have seen in this vision! Yes, a great storm and a time of terrible persecution against My own people, against My own house! But, even so, it must be; for I cannot marry the proud and haughty! I will not; and I will not marry the lukewarm, who love this world and what is in it! Oh, My judgement, My fury is about to run hot against them!

Be of good cheer, My Precious Child; for the prophecies of the ages are about to be fulfilled through Revelation 12! Soon, and oh so soon, you will be filled with such joy, such radiance and power, and oh how you will rejoice! Oh, how the righteous will rejoice; for they have waited and they have not defiled their garments!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 12th day of October, 2007, Linda Newkirk

As you may very well surmise, I am still under feet of these evil hordes, but in this 17th month, I have witnessed beautiful and marvelous happenings in the Kingdom of our God! Too much to go into at this time, but truly grand! The wait for the faithful is truly about to come to an end! All the glory, all the praise, all the the honor and all the power to Yahweh, Most High God, forever and ever! Blessed is His Holy Name!

And, with this my Dear Ones, I shall close this message! For, all is explained in our Father’s words. I send you love and also I send big, big hugs to my Faithful and Precious Friends and Family through Jesus, our Blessed Saviour!

Jesus is our Beautiful Life,
Linda Newkirk


My Dear Brothers and Sisters, below you will find three most informative messages from our Father in Heaven! Surely, awesome and grand rewards are at hand for the faithful! Read on and be blessed!

First Message from our Father in Heaven

October 15, 2007

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, I come to you today to give you a glimpse of what is and what is to come! And, even so, all that I show you has been known; for it is, it was and it is yet to come!

My Child, even as I show you a glimpse, as I allow you to see what is, you see a nervous and uncertain George W. Bush as he stands in front of an open window, yes at high noon, at a window, which is many stories above the ground! As he looks down and all around, he is troubled and occupied with one thing! “How long do I have? How many more days do I have before I meet My end? Before I meet the jaws of death?”

Oh, My Child, his life is consumed with the prospect of his own death and he is in Arkansas today, in Arkansas even now to get a glimpse of all that I do with you! To see for himself and to come again on his number thirteen day! And, he wonders again, “Just how long do I have?” For, you, My Little One, have seen his death and I have withheld My hand, that all prophecies may be fulfilled regarding you! And, even so, a short while remains indeed until such time that I shall bring you forth in great power! But, for you to come to this place of great power in Me, you have had to be trampled by George W. Bush and many of his Satanic allies all over the world!

Yes, My Little One, you have become their spectacle! You have become their ‘toy!’ You have become their obsession! You have become their mainstay, as Satan’s occultic leaders from around the world focus on you and My works through you! And, the fear! Oh, they fear greatly! For, what is in you, My work and My power, they cannot stop! They have not stopped (it) and they will be unable to stop it!

Oh, yes, My Child, you have walked through the valley of despair! You have lived in the valley of the shadow of death; and even as Daniel sat before the lions and was unharmed and Shadrack, Meshach, and Abednigo sat in the fire and were unharmed, you have daily endured such things, not on one occasion, but now for years, and you, My Little One, are not only unharmed. but full of life, full of Me and My power!

Oh, how they fear what is taking place here; and having seen this work firsthand with their own eyes, and knowing as well what they have done to you and that I have allowed it all, (they) know as well that a time of great payback is at hand for all of them! Oh, yes, they know! They see My power in you; and through all of their worldly powers and through all that Satan and their Annunaki commanders have shown them, they have never seen, and never have they witnessed anything like what I manifest in and through you!

Oh, yes, they have tried it all, all that their collective minds could conjure up against you, all that they could manufacture in their horrible labs, among their evil ‘think tanks’ and doctors from hell; and they have failed in all things! My Little One, no one could live five minutes in the horrors, which they subject your body to! No one could retain a right mind or even live for five minutes! Yes, this is so; but you, My Little One, have not only lived through it all; but have prospered spiritually and I have blessed you abundantly!

Though many have forsaken you, believing you to be deserving of all of this torture, and guilty of mocking you, scorning you and telling every tall tale about you, oh they have erred! How greatly they have erred; and if anyone knows that they have erred, it is George W. Bush! Oh, he knows; for he has pushed to eradicate you off the face of the planet! But, you are still here and now he, himself, is obsessed with just how long I will allow him to live!

Oh, yes, My vengeance is at hand and none will stop My hand of vengeance upon them! None can stand up to Me and My power! None will prevail against Me! When I say that the race is over, it is over! None will stay My hand! And, I tell you now that My hand of judgement shall fall soon and heavy upon your tormentors and persecutors! I have not put you through such tests and trials for nothing! For, I will vindicate you and I will exalt Myself through you! So, be of good cheer and know that your time is at hand and so is theirs!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of October, 2007, Linda Newkirk


Second Message From our Father in Heaven

October 15, 2007

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Hearken unto Me! Listen! Observe what I say!

Take in My words; for they are indeed a heavenly balm to your spirit, to your soul, indeed to all of you and even and especially to your tired and weary body! Take in the heavenly fragrance of My words to you! Know, My Little One, that the dark winter of your soul, of your spirit, is fast coming to an end! Reach out! Reach into it! Receive the beautiful fragrance of My words! Hear the rhythmic cadence of all that I tell you; for you will soon walk through a vortex of time that no human has ever crossed! You will soon enter heavenly spaces, where no human has ever entered! You will soon see heavenly sights that no human has beheld! For, I tell you that My prophecies of all of the ages are about to be fulfilled and none has seen what is at hand at the end of this long journey! No eyes have beheld such things! No ears have heard such things as the glory and the heavenly beauty of what is at hand for Mine!

Yes, indeed, My Little One, the long night of your soul, the winter of great torture and persecution is coming to an end for you; but not just for you are these grand heavenly rewards! These rewards await My Tried and True, my True Bride, My White-as Snow, Radiant, Pure and Clean Souls! For, they have waited for Me and My Son and they have not defiled their garments with the whores of this world!

Grand and glorious events are at hand for My Faithful! Beauties and powers never dreamt of await My Faithful! And, as you look around now, (in the Spirit), you only see My light and My glory! For, the end of all that I have called you to go through as regards Revelation 12 is at hand! Oh, how you will soon rejoice! How you will soon shout with joy! How you will soon dance with glee; for your great time of testing and trials regarding Revelation 12 is soon, oh so soon coming to an end! And, when you travel the heavenly corridor, which no human has ever traveled, these pure, righteous and clean souls will be right behind you!

Oh, yes, “My Kingdom Come” is at hand and how these devils and demons howl! How they rail! How they rise up and accuse; but none shall stop what is and what has been and what is to come! For, My glory, My true glory, the glory of “My Kingdom Come” will soon enter into the Earth! And, through these, through My Faithful, pure and clean souls, it will come with all of My righteousness and power!

Be of good cheer and know that a swift end is at hand for the dark winter of your spirit and a new day of great power comes now, wherein you will no longer be the tail, downtrodden, accused, abused, mistreated, tortured and persecuted! Oh, no, My Little One, this will not be; but indeed you will soon walk in great power, even from day to day in My great power and glory!

I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of October, 2007, Linda Newkirk

Third Message from Our Father in Heaven

October 15, 2007

My Blessed Child, I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! My Little One, I come to you again on this day, the 15th day of October of 2007 to impart to you again My truths as regards “My Kingdom Come” into the Earth and the soon end of your appointed time of persecution and torture at the hands of Satan and his hoards!

Oh, stand up and rejoice, My People; for the fulfillment of all that has been revealed as regards the coming of My Kingdom in the Earth is at hand! All of Heaven are rejoicing; and the radiance of My joy and My glory sweeps Heaven! The trumpets sound and the angels sing their glorious praises! For, the time of the fulfillment of My Son’s Coming is at hand! Oh, yes, rejoice oh you people of the Earth! Rejoice all of creation; for the coming of My great and grand glory into the Earth is at hand! Stand up and shout! Stand up and sing My praises, oh My people! For, all that I have promised you is about to be freely given!

My Beloved Child, as you stand up high on My Holy Mountain, with the wind of My Spirit as it blows across your face, yea even your whole body, look, My Child! See! See the dawning of a new day! For, in the East, you can see it rise! All is crisp! All is new! All is pure and all is clean! And, you, My Dear One, are free! Free indeed! Free to move in and out of My Spirit as you could have never imagined! Free to operate in My power as you have never seen it! Oh, yes, My Little One, this glorious time is at hand for you and for My Faithful! Oh, the heavenly smell, oh the heavenly fragrance of all that I am about to give freely to My Chosen, Pure, Clean and Holy Vessels! Oh what beauty! Oh, what power! Oh, what glory!

Hearken, oh you hills! Listen, oh you rivers! Bow down, oh you skies! For, I do a new thing! A holy thing through this chosen vessel! A completed tapestry! A time-honored work! And, the end is at hand for all that has been, all that is, and all that is yet to come, a grand ending, a grand beginning of all that was, all that is and all that is to come!

Hearken, you hills! Observe you distant meadows! Listen, you tumultuous seas! For, My voice goes out before you! My Kingdom is at hand! My holy will is done and soon in the Earth as it is in Heaven!

Who is worthy to birth My Kingdom? Who has been worthy and who has paid the price? Only one is worthy! Only one has been called and such a thing was predestined for one and only one and this one is Linda Newkirk!

Sing, oh, all of creation and rejoice! For, soon, and oh so soon, My Chosen Daughter, my pure and clean vessel will have finished her work! She will have brought forth! She will have birthed back to Me the work that I gave her to do! A grand work! A great work indeed! A glorious work! And her suffering will not go unnoticed, but will be looked upon highly and esteemed throughout the eternities.

Bow down, oh trees! Bow down, oh mountains; for the holiness of My Kingdom soon comes into the Earth, and at the head of My Kingdom is My Holy Son, My chosen, pure and righteous vessel, My Son, Saviour and Redeemer of Mankind! Behind Him is My queen, My chosen vessel Linda Newkirk; for she is worthy! She has paid the price and she is destined to be honored in this way! And, following her are all, who are clean, all, who are worthy, all, who are righteous, holy, worthy to be a part of My Kingdom.

But, oh howl and weep, you wicked generation! Howl, you dark demons and devils! Rail, you accusers; for your time is marked! Your days are marked! Who can stand up to Me and who can defeat Me? Who can come up against My Kingdom and win? No, none! Not one! Oh, you wicked and perverse generation, the time of your judgement is at hand! Repent and repent now, all who would repent, and know My glory; for the reapers are soon upon you!

I am Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 15th day of October, 2007,  Linda Newkirk


My Dear Ones, for the record, the end of October marks the end of fifty four months since those in the U.S. Government put their disks-shaped craft over my house; and since that time there has not been even one day that I have not heard the roaring of these craft! And, not just here in America! They have followed me in all of my travels, even as I have outlined in previous messages.

October 10th of this year marked the end of seventeen months, seventeen months since our Saviour gave me the ‘baby boy’ of Revelation 12, the holy seed, the new DNA! This “baby boy” has surely grown into a greatly powerful manchild, who does a most awesome work in my body of dissolving by the minute vast amounts of metal, glass, rubber, and whatever else these evil hoards forge into my body!

October 10th also marks the end of the sixth months since these evil hoards began to put into my body what they call a “full body suit,” and this simply means that at all times, they work to keep my body full of metals, glass, or whatever else they choose to put into me! As soon as the metals, the glass, etc. dissolve, they are right back with more! In this way, they have kept me as their prisoner! But, even so, I delight in being a prisoner for the love of our Blessed, Almighty and Holy God Yahweh and for love of our Blessed Saviour! For, surely, our Blessed Lord and God has has kept me! He has miraculously carried me! He has sustained me! He has greatly blessed me! He has supernaturally protected me; and in spite of all that they do and have done to me, they have failed! Oh, how I lift up the holy Name of Yahweh; for He is worthy! He is worthy of all of the praise, all of the honor, all of the glory, and all of the power forever and ever! All of the victories go to our Beautiful God Yahweh! THERE IS NO GOD LIKE YAHWEH! BLESSED IS HIS HOLY NAME!

I must add as well, that the 18th of October marks the end of thirty-eight months since Revelation 12 began in South Africa! And, these have been long years of stalking, torture and persecution! If I said that this work has been easy, I would surely lie! This work has been difficult! It has been full of travail, sorrow and heartache! I have shed many tears, but have also sung many, many songs of praise and adoration for our Lord and God! Yes, I have suffered great persecution and torture at their hands; but in spite of all that I have been through, I would to it all again, even if I knew in advance what would lie ahead! For, I am so greatly honored and so greatly blessed to be called by our Blessed Father Yahweh to do such a work for Him, for our Saviour and for each of you! How thankful I am!

HALLALEUYAHWEH! For, His Mighty Kingdom in the Earth is surely at hand!

Sending you my heartfelt love and big hugs to my faithful friends,

How blessed we are to have such a mighty God!

Your Sis,



Chapter Twenty



“Now comes My power and My glory into the Earth as no one has ever seen!”


And, … Satan’s present kingdom divided in half!

My Blessed Child, I am your Father in Heaven, yea Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Listen to Me, My Little One and write as I say, that all may be the wiser!

For, now comes My power and My glory into the Earth as no one has ever seen! For, this is My Kingdom Power! This is the manifestation of My mighty power in the Earth among My Chosen Ones!

And, mark this day, My Little One, for as of this day, I create a split, a mighty chasm in Satan’s kingdom, which totally divides in half what he has left.

So, these groups, these two groups, will be at odds with each other, and never again united in their work for him! And, these two groups shall war against one another and compete against one another, effectively dividing what he now has, so that his kingdom is cut down to 50 percent of what it was, even yesterday!

But, have I not warned him all along about what I would to him because of his continued assaults against you? Yet, he chose, even from the beginning to give up his kingdom in order to try his hand at defeating you!

But, as you are Mine! You are my faithful and chosen servant, his attempts have been to defeat Me in you and he has failed in all things!

Yes, this has been hard for you, My Little One! And, yes, you have suffered great torture and persecution at his hands and at the hands of all of his perverted and evil followers.

But, now My Little One, comes a mighty victory, so great and mighty that the whole world will be in awe! The whole world will be shocked! The whole world will be amazed at what I am about to do now!

For, to you first, My Little One, comes My Kingdom Power! To you first, My Little One, comes a supernatural body; for you have willingly and lovingly laid down your life at the feet of Satan by day and night, giving him the right to use and abuse you as he and his have seen fit, all so that this might be done, so that this, My work, might be accomplished!

And, now comes a greater defeat for Satan, an even greater loss to him! For, while he has fiddled away his time, now by your side day and night, day and night, his own kingdom has fallen down in a great way and will not be built up this way, ever again!

But, you, My Little One, have faithfully stayed the course, even though at times you were in the dark about so many things! But, now you are no longer in the dark, but are enlightened, even about all of these things!

And now, My Child, comes My Kingdom Power to you, My supernatural body to you and what you ask of Me, I will give, unless such trials are upon a person for the purification of his, or her soul, and for the advancement of his, or her own spiritual life! In these instances, I will hold back My power and My Spirit until such a one has overcome the root problem, which is holding him, or her, back!

For, many must bear their burdens! They must carry them until they are given My power to overcome them! For, all, who marry Me, must overcome!

But, for the rest, who are in need, I will give My power to you to reach down into their hearts and to bring an everlasting change in their hearts and from there My Little One, the Spirit of God, My Spirit can grow! For, as the heart is changed, so the person is changed!

And, to you, I shall give the power, My Child to reach out and to touch and change thousands, even tens of thousands of hearts at a time by the power of your spoken word! My Little One, you will never have to touch them, or to lay hands on them, but to speak My word to them!

And, even as you think the question, My answer is, “Yes!” I will give you the power to walk past them and to bring about the same kinds of changes, just by walking past them, to touch many in this way, to bring everlasting changes in their hearts, wherein they are individually changed, convicted of their sins and filled with My Spirit! I shall give you all of the spiritual gifts, and operating in a way, such as few have seen!

For, this is also My Kingdom Power and what comes now, humanity has never seen! So, go in peace and know that your time beneath the feet of Satan is almost up and now comes My wrath upon him and his; and My great power, first to you, My Little One, as you have earned it and from you, it will go out to others in the measure that they are able to receive it.

But, for you, My Little One, by the end of the forty-month-period, which you have spent beneath feet of Satan, you will more fully understand what I am telling you; and this time is at hand! I am your Father in Heaven, yea Jehovah, Most High God! Type this and get it out soon!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 24th day of August, 2006, Linda Newkirk, White Buffalo Calf Woman




“They will Tremble Beneath the Power of My Kingdom!”

My Little One, I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God. My Beloved Child, I am Most High! There is none like Me and none can compare to Me; for I am the Creator of all things! Yes, My Little One, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the ending! I am from everlasting to everlasting and I know all things, as I am also spirit and in all places at once!

I ask you, My Child, who can compare to Me? For, did I not hang the heavens and lay out all of creation? “Yes,” you say! For, you know Me!

You know My Spirit! But, Little One, look all around you and observe; for most do not know Me personally! The churches are full of the dead wood, full of those, who say that they know Me, who say that they love Me, when they neither know Me, nor love Me! And, in the streets, the faces are full of blank looks as so many worship the god of this world!

They worship his work, their new cars, their new houses, television, books, magazines, things of the flesh, clothes and on and on! They worship the god of this world and they know Me not! Neither, do they wish to know me!

But, even so, My Little One, there are a few righteous ones, a few, who both know Me and love Me, who live My commandments and who hear and obey My voice! And, I shall take but a few, and I shall turn Satan’s kingdom upside down and inside out! I shall take but a few and I shall astonish the world! No, My Little One, not great numbers to do My awesome work! No, My Little One, not great numbers, but one or two here and there! These, I have called! And, these I have chosen to do great and mighty things! I do not need great numbers to go forth under My power and to move mountains and to create world change! I use few and so it is now!

And, this is why I have called you, a woman and an unlikely choice, according to what many believe, to do My work in helping to bring down much of Satan’s kingdom!

I have called and handpicked an unlikely human being, according to the standards of the world, to birth My kingdom into the Earth! And, I have called you and chosen you, My Child, because of your love for Me and because of your faithfulness!

Who can know My ways? Who can understand My works? Who can know what I will do from day to day? For, will I not take the least, as with David, to bring down the giant? Will I not take the least likely ones to do My marvellous works; for they are not big in the world, but small, humble and contrite in Me!

And, now My Little One, I have taken one of the least likely ones, a single woman from the hills of Arkansas and I am using you to bring forth, to birth My Kingdom and at the same time to deal a deadly blow to Satan!

For, when this work is complete in you, his kingdom will be in shambles! He will struggle to go forward with what is left for him to do! For, there shall be such a chasm in what is left, that he will have great trouble in coordinating anything at all!

But, even so, he will destroy much! He will kill and torture and persecute those of Mine, whom he can find! And, he will do terrible things in the earth, for he knows his fate, but even so he will have great problems.

And, through My Holy Ones, shall come mighty miracles and much power, as the world has never seen; for this new spiritual code shall be imparted to those, who are ready to receive it and they will live in two worlds at the same time.

They will exist in the supernatural world of My Spirit and in the earth! At the same time in the world, but not of it and these will pummel Satan!

They will ride him and beat him and his fallen angels in great and mighty ways! Oh, how these fallen angels dread this new generation of souls; for this new spiritual code will give these anointed ones power, much power over Satan and the fallen angels!

For, this new spiritual code has 24 strands of spiritual DNA, while humans currently have twelve strands; and the fallen angels and many other angels only have eighteen strands of spiritual DNA. My Dear One, this is My Kingdom Come and it is coming into the Earth now and through you, a single woman, who is birthing this new spiritual DNA; yet under the feet of Satan and all the time, day and night, tortured and persecuted by him and his!

But, know one thing and know this well! Soon, My Little One, he and his fallen angels will be beneath your feet! For, I shall put great power in you, as this spiritual mother and when you raise your hands against them in battle, a stream of fire will go out against them and unto you I shall give power to bind Satan with seven times the power and to bind the fallen angels with seven times the power and to bind the humans, who come into your home via the electromagnetic rings, with seven times the power!

And, I shall give you the power to trap the fallen angels and to command them into the Lake of Fire! And, power over the humans, who have tortured you so, who come into your house via the electromagnetic rings; and via this power, via My power in you, they shall be struck dead!

And, great and terrible shall be the plagues, which shall come upon others, who set out to harm you, or to torture you in any way! And, many more punishments, I shall render, which you do not write here! The time is at hand, My Child; for your days of torture and persecution at their hands is coming to an end!

Sing and rejoice; for the accuser of your brethren is cast down and soon will be under the feet of My New Generation of souls! And, every fallen angel and every errant human, who sold you all to Satan for power and technology, will quickly tumble beneath the power of My Kingdom, which even now comes into the Earth! Go in My peace and walk in My great love! I am your Father, Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God!

As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 25th day of August, 2006, Linda Newkirk,  White Buffalo Calf Woman